cold plunge shotCold plunge, what is it and where can you do them, and, are they actually beneficial? Well, I have been in a few cold plunges and they are all different temperatures, sizes, types, while some are extremely cold and others are just a little bit nippy. Cold plunges can be so beneficial for you after a massage or a sporting event, or even just added digestive bonus plus they can even make you happy! Also did you know they can burn tons of calories? thats an extra – extra bonus.  Cold Plunges are beneficial in so many ways and here are just a few ways they help, reduces inflammation, improves cardiovascular circulation, improves lymphatic drainage, boosts happiness, boosts immune function, helps with arthritis, improves sex life, reduces pain in joints, helps muscles recover, helps aid in digestion, and I could go on and on. Toni Robbins, a life coach, and self help guru, loves to do a cold plunge every morning as it helps him immensely.

I personally go to a water spa a few times a year to detox my whole body, and there is something about water that helps ground me.  I have found a spa that has 5 pools that are all different in the minerals that are in them, and then they also have 2 hot pools with 2 cold plunges attached to them so you can jump in and out of each of them…I always start of with the warm hot tub and cold plunge that is the size of a 1 person basket with a ladder in it…so you can stand it in and dunk yourself.  I stay around 15 minutes in the hot tub and work up the motivation to get in the cold plunge and I would love to stay in the cold plunge for 5 minutes and always thinking it will be no problem. I jump out of the hot pool and walk around to the ladder and as I dip my big toe in the cold water I think there is no way I will be able to stay for even a minute.  Its like climbing down a ladder into the arctic….I know this will be good for me, I know my digestion, my joints, my immune, my brain will all literally wake up after I dunk myself…and I have to jump in and not stop half way down the ladder, because if you do and you let your nervous system catch up with your brain and actually feel how cold this water actually is you won’t do the whole dunk. So I go for it, in and out…holy cow that was insane!! I brain feels like it froze up!! back into the hot pool I go and the tingling form the icily water is burning or tingling my skin, like little pricks all over me…then i calm down and my body regains warmth….ahhh that wasn’t so bad, let do it again!!….after a few minutes of warming up of course…

So I continued to go in and out of the icy temperatures and back into the warmth, and after a while I actually started to enjoy the cold plunge, it was kind-of a treat to know you will get back in the warmth after, and I could stay longer and longer and actually worked myself up to a whole 2 minutes!!! Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to stay longer.

That evening I have never slept to hard, I had beautiful dreams, and had the deepest sleep.  I felt amazing the next day and was able to focus more clearly and was more awake.  I also felt strangely taller like my joints were so happy and refreshed, I didn’t feel as much pain in my fingers (many years of doing massage) and my legs were strong and ready for the day! But what I liked most was the grounding effect, I felt so calm, calm inside and calm on the outside.  I felt like nothing could bother me and I was just completely content.  This feeling is something I want to feel everyday, with all the hustle and bustle in the world, and feeling like I am always running around trying to get all my errands done and have time for myself, this cold plunge actually did it for me, I could be me and feel strong, calm, and collected for the rest of the day and days after…plus the sleep was incredible…I will definitely continue my cold plunge tradition and hope you all find yourself immersing in an ice bath or cold plunge yourself too very soon.

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