scalp massageCraniosacral massage has many benefits:

I didn’t know what craniosacral was until I received it many years ago.  My girlfriend always said it helped her regain balance and relax inside her body…I didn’t really understand what that meant…but then I had my first anxiety feeling, then another and thought what is this? Is this what my friend was talking about, the “un-calm” feeling inside her body.  So I needed to feel and see for myself, and I decided I needed to try a session.  I always knew Craniosacral was for all sorts of things, like, back pain, neck pain, nerve pain, and headaches or migraines, and even that low back nagging pain.  Just didn’t understand how someone could hold onto your head, neck, or feet so lightly that there would be any kind of shift. But I went ahead and got my first session back in Colorado about 7 years ago.

We were at a hot springs, my girlfriend and I, and I decided to walk across the street and try out a “famous” craniosacral therapist.  I left my friend and thought, really I am going to pay over $100 for her to barely touch me? I love massage and being a massage therapist, love the deep touch of working out and even wringing my muscles to bring back the blood flow and reduce inflammation.  But here I went..and about half way through my session I let go of my thoughts, I noticed my mind was all over the place at first, my ego set in and started telling me this was stupid, and it wasn’t working, and wasn’t going to do anything and that I am wasting time and money, plus not hanging with my friend that I left back at the hot springs for an hour.  But, half way through the session, my mind let go, I don’t even know why, it just did.  I felt light, and nourished, and then felt like I was on a wave, slowing moving but not physically moving.  I felt my head wanted to turn to the right, but again it didn’t physically move anywhere.  Then I noticed my body jumped, or maybe that was just my leg twitching, who knows I just can’t believe I moved because I usually am so in control of my body!  I also felt like I was off to sleep but not sleeping, all I know was that it was deep.

When the session was over I felt like I had gone to sleep without actually sleeping. I felt so relaxed and at peace.  I had a little headache when I walked in but notice that it vanished when I got off the table.  I thanked her and asked what did you do, I didn’t feel you “do” anything.  But she smiled and said there was so much more to it that just doing something.  I really didn’t understand, and knew one day that I would become a craniosacral therapist soon because I wanted to know how one could put someone in such a deep relaxation so fast and so easily.  The rest of the day I never felt so in my skin and body, I had a great conversation with my friend when I got back to the hot springs and thought, wow I’m so relaxed and calm when talking to her, like nothing was rushing me to get through the story, there was no where to be, just there and totally content with being me.  The days to follow, I still didn’t have any headaches, and my body felt completely “put back together” …I guess is the best way to describe it.

Now 7 years later, I have moved to Maui and found a craniosacral class that looked good to me, and worked with my schedule.  I had been looking for a few years but nothing worked out.  I got to take level 1 and level 2 within 2 weeks of each other and can’t even begin to explain the experiences I had with receiving the work so often, and also giving the work was incredible.  I could actually feel others bodes and how they moved on the inside, I could feel the wave of fluids running up and down the body and could understand that the wave needs to be balanced, and can bring it to a “still point” and help the body get back on balance.  Also knowing know the cranium bones do actually move all day long like they are breathing…they aren’t moving much but do move, and recognizing that when they get stuck, we get stuck, or feel “off” and we need to help ourselves get balanced and centered.  I have now worked on many clients that not only love the sessions, but they want longer sessions for their next visit.  I have seen the process of helping one get balanced, and also lived it.  The energy that passes through us throughout the day always needs to taken in and released, the cranio sessions are so helpful to aiding one to feeling better, calmer, pain-free, and balanced.

If you are on Maui, come visit us at Jewel Wellness Spa in Makawao, HI. and see for yourself the benefits of this incredible massage modality, or go get one in your hometown!!!

Lots of Love and Aloha,


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