Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 4.43.50 PM starfish cropped_50x50Maui Waxing:

Easiest and most common way to remove unwanted hair.

Ladies, bathing suit season is (always) here on Maui waxing is the answer when you can’t avoid dealing with a fuzzy bikini line anymore. The best advice we can give you: be consistent!!

starfish cropped_50x50Bikini – $35

Panty line, top and sides only.

starfish cropped_50x50Brazilian Bikini – $45

Pre-bridal? honeymoon fantasies? Or just a desire to get that total smooth feeling? On Maui waxing with a Brazilian wax is what you exactly need! It’s the most popular bikini wax today, includes all hair to be removed…a full defuzzing, can leave a little patch if wanted, the tush is included but its optional. 

starfish cropped_50x50Chin – $10

Anything around the chin will be removed

starfish cropped_50x50Eyebrows – $18

Includes consultation, wax, shaping, tweezing, and trimming.

starfish cropped_50x50Full Leg (Both) – $55

both legs from high thigh down to the ankle.

starfish cropped_50x50Half Leg – $35

From just above the knee down to the ankle.

starfish cropped_50x50Lip – $10

all hair on upper lip and below lower (if needed) will be removed.

starfish cropped_50x50Underarm – $25

Underarms can be tricky as the hair goes many different directions, might need some tweezing but all hair will be removed.

starfish cropped_50x50Tops of the feet – $5

Have hairy toes and top of the arch? We can do this too…just a few minutes, and your feet will be smooth.

starfish cropped_50x50Half Arm – $25

All hair from the elbow to the wrist will be removed leaving you soft and silky.

Questions about Maui waxing? Embarrassed? Here you go, check these out or call and talk to our specialist, don’t worry, she has heard it all.

Q: What is the best way to avoid ingrown hair around the bikini line? We exfoliate and use salicylic acid products down there but we still get bumps.

A: If you wax regularly, you’ll lower your chance of getting an ingrown hair. We use “No Bumps” after your appointment to help reduce ingrown hair.  However, your clothing and sweat can also increase ingrown hair, tight clothing,  — jeans, leggings, etc. – and working out regularly can also cause these unsightly bumps because they compress your hair against your body, allowing the hair to curl back into the follicle. Please, please, try and avoid shaving as much as possible. If you can’t put the razor down, exfoliate the area before you shave and make sure you aren’t using a dull blade.

Q: How long should you actually wait between bikini waxes? It’s hard to let it grow when you’re always beach-bound!

A: Totally understand! Your wax should last you anywhere from three to six weeks. You will need to get your hair on a waxing cycle and continue it year round. With regular waxing, the length of time between treatments will increase, as the more you wax, the weaker the hair follicle becomes, making it easier to remove hair. If you stop waxing, you reverse all the work waxing has done for your hair previously. Stay on top of it, we recommend you make your next appointment before you leave so you don’t forget and let it go too long. 

Q: Why do you get itchy down there after a wax? How can you make it stop?

A: Some people are itchy after a bikini wax, as they have used a hot synthetic wax, which irritates the skin. Jewel Salon and Spa uses an all-natural wax from beeswax that doesn’t need to be heated too hot so when applied it shouldn’t irritate your skin.  Use Aloe to soothe and always moisturize after a shower, sometimes the itchiness comes from being dry right after a wax and you need to restore the moisture.

Q: What if I am on my moon cycle? Is it still ok to come in if I scheduled my appointment?

A: Yes absolutely as long as you are comfortable with it.  Sometimes women can be a little more uncomfortable and feel more sensitive around and on their moon cycle, but if this doesn’t bother you it doesn’t bother us either. 

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