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coral pillowLocated on the north shore of Maui in Haiku, HI. Our Maui spa has the most talented therapist on the island of Maui. We are dedicated to remaining current with the latest techniques and trends to help make sure you leave feeling your absolute best. Experience dedicated professionalism because your appearance and wellbeing is our highest priority.

Self-Care Reward Program

maui waxingmaui hot stone massageNurture your “Jewel” inside as well as out; we all need to take care of our bodies on a daily basis. At this Maui spa we offer an appreciation reward program, we would like to honor and nurture our loyal clients with 50% off any treatment for you taking the time to putting yourself first. After 10 paid visits to Jewel you will receive any service for 50% off!

Referral Program

salon referral program upcountry mauiRefer anyone to our Maui spa and not only do you get $5 in Spa Bucks, but your friend also receives $5 off their first service as well! These “Spa Bucks” can be used at anytime for yourself, on any product or service. Refer more people and build up your spa bucks…. maybe even receive a free… something!

Lie down and relax

Waken your senses

Nurture your Jewel inside as well as out

A Holistic Wellness Maui Spa…*Massage* *Facials* *Waxing*


Jewel Wellness Spa and is located 25 minutes from Kahului on the north shore in Haiku.  Jewel is a full service boutique style luxury Maui spa with a coastal flare. I am dedicated to nurturing your jewel (your being) inside as well as out. Offering massage, craniosacral massage, facials, waxing services, and infrared sauna sessions. Soon to be offering new services including scrubs, and wraps.  The boutique style spa is committed to clean and chemical free products when available.

At Jewel Wellness Spa, I strive for complete professionalism in the services provided. Listening to clients is key to success and we never want anyone to leave unhappy.


Jewel’s ambiance features a completely relaxing treatment room oasis. Enjoy calm music, reflect, refresh, and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul in the relaxation of the jungle atmosphere. Its fun, beachy, and a super quiet. At Jewel, where it has the healing powers of the ocean to Haiku. Jewel is located on the north shore where the jungle meets relaxation and peace. Jewel is located on a residential property and is not available for walk-ins only by appointment. Mahalo.


I’ve had 2 massages at this lovely Maui spa, and a facial here and let me tell you, they were all amazing. Jewel Spa is located in Makawao on Baldwin Ave, across the street from Makawao General Store. 🙂 The studio is so lovely. Very beachy and clean feeling! I love that style so I felt right at home going in. Jen was my massage therapist both times (3-4 weeks ago and yesterday 8/31/15), she was very kind and gentle but also did deeper work where I needed it. I definitely felt better and more relaxed afterwards. She made sure I was comfortable throughout my massage and where she found areas that needed more work she made sure she wasn’t hurting me. Oh and the choice of lotions were awesome! I highly recommend her for a good relaxing massage, so glad she is so close to me! 🙂 Jen also did my facial, which was my first facial and it was a fantastic experience. She really took good care of me and my face. It felt amazing, also I’m so glad that she uses non-toxic products.  Thank you Jen and Cheri for an amazing experience, I am glad I have found you!

Sarah Cadman

Haiku, Hawaii

Lucky people of Hawaii for getting the chance to be in this salon and Maui spa. I’ve been a client of owner, Jen Dreisch, for years. I work all over the world and have had every type of massage possible. And nothing comes close to a massage with Jen. I have been known to travel several hours in order to have a hot stone massage with her. She is also trained as an esthetician, yoga teacher, holistic dietician so she can provide just about anything you need. Additionally, she surrounds herself with the best partners and colleagues. I guarantee that whatever service you chose, you will leave more than satisfied. You will be looking beautiful, feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and booking your next appointment. If I could rate Jen with ten stars I would.  Check out Jewel Salon and Spa. Go!  Go!  Go!

Beth H.


I loved my facial with Jen. She really knows her stuff! And as a licensed massage therapist, she also worked on my arms, feet, hands, and face. It was a great experience, and my skin looked phenomenal afterwards! It’s an awesome spa, and I’m sure I’ll be back. Very affordable too!

Daniel S

Makawao, HI

Thank you to Jen for carrying such awesome products without all the bad chemicals. Having been in the Maui spa industry for many years, Jewel is a gem with warm & friendly atmosphere. Locally priced reasonably yet not a drain in your wallet if you’re a visiting tourist having a spa day in Makawao! I recommend Cheri for hair & nails & Jen is a very gifted Massage Therapist!

Roxanne B.

Kahului, HI

I had one of the best facials I’ve ever had. Jen‘s finesse and care were exceptional and I LOVE that she massaged my feet, hands, arms, neck, face and head. My skin looks incredible and feels great also.

Mary A.

Redwood City, CA

The Jewel Wellness Blog

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Its all about Facials!!!

 Can't get enough for your skin, always feeling quenched or thirsty for hydration??? Need a lift? A Botox without the injections? We have just the thing!! Jewel Salon and Spa uses LING skin care products that are holistic, vegan, free of mineral oils,...

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Jewel carries high quality products that are not accessible anywhere else on the island.  We have brought lines that have the finest quality ingredients, are eco-friendly, cruelty free, and products that don’t carry harsh chemicals. Our products want to nourish not only your hair, skin, and body but also your soul.

Ling, maui salon


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